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Our Program

The Lace'Em Up Foundation for Kids provides financial assistance to low-income children across Canada. The grants help offset hockey registration costs with the goal of increasing youth hockey participation rates and reducing the financial burden on families. Our charity supports community, grassroots and elite level hockey. Often times, Lace‘Em Up funding starts where another organizations’ funding ends.

About the grant

How It Works

Eligible candidates will have to complete and submit an online appllication. Applications will be reviewed by Lace'Em Up within four to six weeks. Approved applications will be notified by email and cheques covering registratrion fees (up to a maximum of $1,000 per child) will be sent directly to the hockey association. For a greater chance of approval, it is best to submit an application as soon as you register for hockey, as applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis and we have limited funds.

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Apply for a Grant

  • Confirm Eligibility

    Ensure that the applicant meets all of the requirements outlined below. Please obtain all necessary documentation before applying.

  • Submit an Application

    Log into the application portal and provide the requested information, including hockey association details and financial status.

  • Approval & Funding

    You will receive an email within six weeks indicating if your funding was approved. Grants will be sent directly to your hockey organization.

Eligibility Requirements
  • Child must be between the ages of 3 and 18

    Children ages 17 and 18 must be enrolled in high school (we do not fund post-secondary students)

  • Child must be from a low-income household

    Notice of Assessment as proof of financial standing will be required during the application

  • Child must already be registered with a hockey association

    Copy of invoice and/or proof of registration with a hockey organization required during application (we fund dues for community, grassroots and elite level hockey)

  • Applications should be completed by the child's parent or guardian

    OR individual must have permission from the parent or guardian, along with all necessary documentation needed to apply (teachers and mentors are welcome)

The 2020 application season is closed

Thank you for your interest in Lace 'Em Up's hockey funding program. Our applications are now CLOSED. We look forward to receiving your application next year! Applications will be open June 1st, 2021.

Applications will be open June 1, 2021

Have questions? Check out our FAQ for more information.